Hump Day • Mittwoch

Four Immutable Laws of the Spirit by Harrison Owen 1) Whoever is present are the right people 2) Whenever it begins is the right time 3) Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened 4) When it’s over, it’s over Today I didn’t want to leave our borrowed flat, even though I also didn’t wantRead more


Grand Slam by Marjorie Maddox Dreams brimming over, childhood stretched out in legs, this is the moment replayed on     winter days when frost covers the field, when age steals away wishes. Glorious sleep that seeps back      there to the glory of our baseball days.  

Birthday • Geburtstag

Today I am turning 35 and I’m thinking about cycles, being on my fifth seven year cycle. According to an article I just read, 35-42 is the last cycle of the Mother Quadrant, a time when, whether it be children or a career, a woman spends her energy nurturing a project. This last cycle is an opportunity to heal the wounds ofRead more

Groceries • Lebensmittel

Here is our haul from a nearby Edeka Siebert for 43€. The children begged me for several sweet treats: pomegranate, berry juice, and ice cream and I jumped at the chance to buy Old El Paso refried beans, salsa and tortilla chips. Portland had me spoiled with Hot Mama Salsa, Juanita’s, and Better Beans. Absence has made my heartRead more