Friday Four 23.2

Our beamish boy in 2015 and in 2018, he’s a good sport. ↑Photo

You might hear it, a faint noise so far inside your mind That it must come from somewhere, from light rushing to darkness, Energy burning towards entropy, towards a peaceful solution,←Poem

Point→Portland by Curtis Wiklund


Yesterday Otto and I were arriving home at dusk and there were two cop cars on the corner and a swarm of children in front of our building. My mind racing, I approach the kids and see my neighbor as well, standing next to a broken window pane in the door. And so begins my 30 minute Deutsch lesson in [quietly hilarious] tweenage conflict resolution, with the help of my neighbor and luckily no police. I was able to assist in the amelioration, while simultaneously embarrass my daughter with my spotty Deutsch, while she effortlessly spat it out and galloped off to play for another hour. Meanwhile a couple boys stayed behind to help clean up the broken glass and ask polite questions about our family, before they resumed tussling with each other, as they raced to rejoin the group. Watching my girl link up with a posse again, makes me so happy. Realizing this is a group of kids trying to navigate the transition from playing tag to holding hands, makes me so nervous! I shall endeavor to always ameliorate and embarrass whenever given the opportunity.