B is for Bunding

This is post inspired by Deepak Chopra and Adam Plack’s Soul of Healing Affirmations, which I discovered in an iTunes search for meditation inspiration.

Today I will bond with others, knowing that the other is myself, just in disguise. Through this bond of communion, I will let go of my separate self and I will connect with the web of relationships that creates the whole universe. I will express my love and my bonding through gestures, through words, through actions. 


We discovered a free zoo at Volkspark Hasenheide during our first week in Berlin and we went back today on our morning walk. Most of the animals are the barnyard variety and are very friendly and will sidle up to the fence for a nuzzle and a scratch. Otto and I had a particularly hard time leaving this goat, but eventually Olive’s insistent, “LET”S GOOOO!” got the better of us. Listening to the affirmation before we left the apartment, I was wondering how I would bond with the world around me today and was quite surprised to look into this goat’s eyes and find what I was a looking for. Animals seem to know when we need them to stand close by and it felt very freeing to focus my love into a few minutes of face scratches.


Later on, Olive and I went on a walk by ourselves on a hunt for a licorice shop that a dear friend wrote to me about, saying it was on her family’s bucket list. It happened to be a short walk away, which had a way of making me feel closer to my far-away friend. The afternoon sun was slanting through the streets and alighting on balconies covered in flowers and I thought how much she would love to be here and when we popped pieces of salty licorice into our mouths on the walk home, she was smiling in the light with me.