bitch and moan • nörgeln

It’s Sunday afternoon and it’s a hot day in Berlin. I made pancakes for the kids and then Justin and I took off on our own for coffee and breakfast. We sat at a sidewalk table and ate bagels with salmon and then we walked across the street, sat at another sidewalk table and drank a tall beer. If I have learned anything so far, it is that a cold beer makes everything better. I’ve been reading Alan Watts book, The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety, and that it also helping me kick my insufferable case of melancholy. I happen to find myself in a place I have truly wanted to be and it’s not everything I imagined, but I suppose that shows my lack of imagination. I’ve been winding myself up so tight that I am not grasping the impossibility of creation in the first place. Nothing is written for us here and no one can send me the next chapter so I can catch a clue, but everyday I am turning a new page.


One thought on “bitch and moan • nörgeln

  1. Try to imagine a world where we look after each other and live in peace
    Revel in reveling for the sake of our souls
    Understand that it’s all worth doing well
    Sudbury goes well with wild game and steamed greens
    Time to let the heart lead. No fear. All love.

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