Hump Day • Mittwoch

Four Immutable Laws of the Spirit by Harrison Owen

1) Whoever is present are the right people
2) Whenever it begins is the right time
3) Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened
4) When it’s over, it’s over

4 flights

Today I didn’t want to leave our borrowed flat, even though I also didn’t want to be in this borrowed space either. We have been waking up tired in a beautiful place, having night after night of strange dreams that make us all question our sanity. I opened my eyes when I heard the front door click shut and I knew that Justin left for work. My breath caught in my throat, as my brain scrambled into focus and I rushed to the window to try and catch his departure from four flights up. Instead I rest my eyes on the cemetery across the street and I decided that today we’ll finally take a walk along it’s paths. We are living in a building that houses a post office, bank, bakery, wine bar, baby boutique and natural food store, but I have not met a neighbor. Instead, we have a lot of dead ones across the street, at Dreifaltigkeitskirchhof, which translates into Trinity Cemetery. This afternoon, we read the names of people we never knew and smiled at the people who tended the graves and I really did stop to smell the roses.


Leaving our home in Portland and our friends and family in the United States has left me feeling awfully bereft. In a way that I was expecting, but hardly prepared for and there has been no quick remedy. Berliners are not the most welcoming bunch and we feel a little like orphan trolls in a land of beautifully intelligent elves. At least, Justin and I do, the kids are doing pretty fantastic so far. We didn’t pack any toys, so Otto is making robots out of napkin rings, clothespins and chopsticks. Olive is giving us sage advice on finding the joy in every situation, like this isn’t the first time she’s left her homeland. And Oscar, is our accommodating teenager who likes to be snuggled and volunteers to build a BB-8 out of ratan balls and rubber bands for his kid brother. We’re pretty lucky out here, even if we don’t know what the hell we are doing.


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