Groceries • Lebensmittel

Here is our haul from a nearby Edeka Siebert for 43€. The children begged me for several sweet treats: pomegranate, berry juice, and ice cream and I jumped at the chance to buy Old El Paso refried beans, salsa and tortilla chips. Portland had me spoiled with Hot Mama SalsaJuanita’s, and Better Beans. Absence has made my heart grow famished. We are craving kale, but are finding none in the markets, however, there is spinach, mache, and lots of lovely lettuces. I read in a forum for bellyaching expats that kale is a seasonal veg and should be showing up in November and I do believe it will be a celebratory moment, worthy of Thanksgiving. In the United States, I was able to feed our family of five on a decent budget, and now we are making less and spending more and it’s stressful. It’s providing me with the motivation to find my market confidence though, as Berlin has some great vendor style markets and I need to get over my fear of not being able to communicate. Everyone, it seems, speaks a little or a lot of English, and I could be more forgiving of myself, after all, in a few weeks, I will speak a little more German. As long as I’m brave enough to open my mouth.


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  1. I spy Irische butter… Oh yes the whole world loves Irish cows.
    Otto, the cutest patutti in the whole world too-tee!

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