Birthday • Geburtstag

Today I am turning 35 and I’m thinking about cycles, being on my fifth seven year cycle. According to an article I just read, 35-42 is the last cycle of the Mother Quadrant, a time when, whether it be children or a career, a woman spends her energy nurturing a project. This last cycle is an opportunity to heal the wounds of guilt, resentment and chronic over-extension. All of these things had powerfully poignant manifestations for me in the last year and I am ready to be free. I had my first baby at 21 and it’s been 7 years since I grew my last baby, and it is time to reorganize my priorities. I loved growing babies, it helped me appreciate my body and gave me a reason to nourish it well. Now those babies are big kids and my body is still wanting nourishment and I have been putting it off for awhile. In this new country, all on my lonesome, I don’t really have anybody else to listen to though. So, after lunch, we are taking a walk to Viktoriapark and I’m going to take a bunch of deep breaths, forgive myself for being new to all this, and tell my brand new birthday cells that I’m ready to pay attention.


10 thoughts on “Birthday • Geburtstag

  1. Happy birthday Gemma! The best is yet to come and it shall be grand. Love seeing your posts, hope to see more so I can keep abreast of your happenings. Take care .
    Love, auntie Jane

  2. Happy birthday Gemma, enjoy your day in spectacular Germany! Don’t forget to try the yogurt there, it’s so amazing! Ohhhh and don’t forget to try some Stracciatella gelato too. it’s my favorite (Derek’s too!)! My wish for you today is to enjoy & make memories!

  3. I love you, Auntie Jane! Thanks for keeping track of me, being in Berlin makes me feel real close to my Polish roots. I hope you and the sisters will come visit someday and we can do it up.

  4. You are the best, Lori, your enthusiasm for this land is infectious. The kids and I had gelato today and we have decided that we must try all the flavors. Stracciatella will be my next pick, thanks for the beautiful birthday wish, I definitely felt it.

  5. How lovely that I stumble over you on your birthday; I hope it has been perfect. It’s been a while since I’ve read your posts. Your mom pops in and out of my life in the most perfect of times. While I figure out a way to keep her more-so in than out, I relish that fact that I’m with you on this special day.
    My Mother Quadrant has extended into my mid-fifties. Having just sent my last baby off to college, I will be in uncharted waters as an empty nester. I have had a child at home for 33 years now. I have plenty of things to do to keep me busy but I do enjoy sleeping in the buff again…
    I trust that you will fill these next seven years with amazing things.
    Happy birthday,

  6. On this very 22, I’m 2 years and 2 months behind my fifth, but that’s assuming testes don’t affect the 7 year interval. All these twos are pretty jazzy.

    Happy birthday sister, I think about you in my spare moments, and mind, I’m not a busy chap…

  7. When you and Ashley come to visit, we will take in all the architechural wonders and then eat cake at 3 pm. We will eat all the schnitzel and drink all the beer and I can’t wait to see you here.

  8. Cindy! I love that you are reclaiming your bed-body freedom. Otto has jumped back into the middle of our bed in Berlin and is quite determined to stay put. We are having some intense dreams here, so it feels good to reclaim that safe nest. I have a shortlist of mothers that make me the mother that I am and you are at the top of the list. I often think about the last time we saw each other, when we drove through fields of waving grass on your property, that moment has written itself like lines of poetry across my heart and it’s a balm for when I’m feeling homesick. Thank you for finding me again.

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