One Week • Einwöchig

Making a Damn

It’s been one full week since we stepped off the plane in Berlin and our new normal is beginning to sink in. Justin set off for his first day of work this morning, with a pep in his step. It’s been a years long process, making his dream job in Berlin a reality and I am very proud to be a witness to this moment. I can still remember the date night many years ago with a baby Otto on my lap, when Justin made the intention. At the time, I was just beginning to work in my friend’s home preschool program and making intentions of my own. After being a stay-at-home-mama for many years, I was ripe to get back in the workforce, ready to make some money and excited for the opportunity to teach. How lucky I felt to have my intention bloom for 5 years at Little Lights Playschool, where I was able to grow my children as well as myself. Now I have the pleasure of watching my husband’s intention sprout into a new life for our whole family. I’ve returned to a familiar place in our family, but with a new title as hausfrau, and I am challenged to steer my children in a country that my ancestors knew intimately but left behind several generations ago. There is something familiar here and my longing for it has taken the form of a new intention. We plunged ourselves into the bracing waters of a new land, bobbing up to the surface, feeling overwhelmed by our immersion, it has taken me a moment to remember that I know how to float. Just like the river flows to the sea, I will find my place to be.

8 thoughts on “One Week • Einwöchig

  1. Ursula says
    Be always coming home

  2. How exciting for you, I love Germany! Don’t forget to eat a pretzel too, they are the best there. I’m jealous, but so excited for you! Enjoy your stay 🙂

  3. Sandy, you’re one of my top ten adventure heros, I want to read your books.

  4. Thank goodness you and Ma are here with me. My heart is beating with your breathes and I know you are coming to meet me here soon.

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